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Kenda Tire Information Made Easy

Lawn & Garden

Golf Course & Professional Turf

Kenda offers a broad range of lawn & garden tires to fit four to twelve inch rim diameters. Produced with both round and square shoulders, in a variety of tread designs, Kenda's lawn & garden tires are designed to be quality, long lasting products that provide the greatest amount of traction with the least amount of turf damage. For all of your lawn & garden tire needs; think KENDA!



Bar & Lug

Kenda Bar & Lug tires are designed for heavy duty applications,when you need extra traction and bite in hard or soft terrain. You'll find them on lawn & garden tractors, tillers, riding tractors and snow blowers across the nation.

Farm Implement & Skid Steer

Kenda Power Grip is one of the most recent additions to the Skid Steer tire line. It is designed with a heavy-duty sidewall to protect against scrubbing, abrasions and punctures. Power Grip is also designed with a rim guard to protect the rim and bead seat area from debris. The three-tiered lug design of the Power Grip provides improved wear characteristics that extend the overall life of the tire. All of these features combine to provide one of the most durable tires in the industry.To the end user, the more durable the tire, the less down time. This equals money saved!!

Power Sports ATV & UTV

All Kenda ATV & UTV tires have been designed to be puncture resistant in both tread area and sidewall. In addition each tire is compounded using special tear and snag resistant materials to extend tread life. Many Kenda tires are equipped with a built-in rim guard to protect the rim by keeping dirt and other debris from wedging between the tire and rim!


Gray Non-Marking Healthcare & Hospitality

Kenda Loadstar Trailer Tires

Kenda KR03 All Season Radial

Mud & Snow Extra Grip

Carrier Star

All Kenda Trailer tires have been designed to improve handling and enhance the ride performance of the towed vehicle. Tires are continually tested to ensure that they exceed rigid Department of Transportation requirements.

For performance you can depend on: You Can Depend On Kenda!


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